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Mister Jax Aster, Mister Virtual World 2011

Jax Aster, Mister Virtual World for 2011, shared some of his thoughts with me the other day.

Jax, you work as a model and photographer in Second Life.  Which do you enjoy the most?  Which did you do first in SL?

I began modeling first in SL in 2009.  Throughout the process and trying to put together a decent portfolio, I decided that I was probably a good idea for me to learn Photoshop enough so that I could create basic images on my own.  I love photography in RL, but the lack of time and funds in SL is really what got me into photography in SL.  After much time, guidance, self-teaching, and you-tube videos I have somewhat figured it out.  I still have a long ways to go and am learning new things daily.

I really enjoy both areas as they are completely separate but rely on each other.  I am capable of producing my own images; however, I love to see what others come up with, as everyone’s imagination and creativity are different.  I think it is a great way to express yourself.

Tell us about Mister Virtual World.

Where was it held?

The pageant was held in the amazing Patch Thibaud Auditorium

Who sponsors it?

The Best of Second Life (BOSL)

How did you find out about it?

I found out about the competition through friends and group notices that were sent out.

What was involved in your becoming a part of it?

Group notices were sent out regarding photo submission for the contest.  Then, individuals were chosen to attend a live casting in which we were asked to walk the runway in front of judges.  After that, a group of us were chosen as finalists and were able to choose our official countries to represent.

What steps did you need to take to showcase who you are?
I really think I was just myself throughout the whole process.  Each challenge that was presented to the finalists allowed me to show that side of myself.  We were asked to participate in a total of three challenges before the final MVW event: a Dolce and Gabbana inspired look, avant garde, and swim.  In addition to these, we were also asked to prepare a costume to represent our country, swim wear, and a formal outfit for the final.  For each task we were asked to complete, I used my own style to create what I thought best fit the challenge.

How many others were participating?

For the final event, there were 19 contestants remaining.

What did you need to have in your resume to qualify?

You actually do not need to have any qualifications for this event.  In fact, 1st runner up, Zachary Zufreur, had only been modeling for a couple of weeks when he was chosen as a finalist for MVW and he was amazing.  All of the finalists were outstanding in their ability to create extraordinary outfits and present themselves.  I would say that the qualifications you need to have are creativity, enthusiasm, dedication, and the courage to express yourself through fashion.

How was the title decided?

Each of the contestants were given scores throughout the various challenges that were presented over the past two months and the final.

What was your reaction to being chosen?

Well, I probably should not repeat my reaction.  A few of my good friends know what it was.  Let’s just say I was very surprised.  Actually, I think I am still shocked now.  It is a great honor, and I am thrilled.

Do you have duties and/or requirements to meet with this title?

I think that each MVW is left up to decide what they want to accomplish.  I have a few areas that I am very involved with in RL and would like to have the opportunity to bring them into SL.  I know that many MVWs are involved in charities and have raised money for their various charities of choice.  I plan to do the same.

Any other thoughts?

I am so very honored to have been named Mr. Virtual World 2011 and having been able to represent my country throughout the process.  I am so lucky to have been in the presence of everyone involved in this year’s competition.  I am truly grateful to all of this year’s contestants for being such a strong but humble force throughout.  You all have pushed me to be my best and without your hard work, dedication, and creativity, I would not be where I am.  I have, beyond doubt, been inspired.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the competition and who has helped me along the way.  The judges of Mr. Virtual World 2011 and Frolic Mills for their votes and confidence in me to hold this title.  BlackBarbie Bravin for her time and direction throughout the competition.  Kat Comet for her friendship, help, patience, and unwavering loyalty throughout the past year.  Francesca Galtier for her exceptional ability to alter shapes and for pushing me out of my style box.  My Enzo family (I miss you all).  Vitamen Hax and Arianda Garrigus who graciously provided me with custom color swim wear and pieces for my country costume. And everyone else who has supported me throughout MVW and my time in Second Life.  Thank you all for your amazing faith in me and your incredible support in this endeavor.

Self-scrutiny is not treason and self-examination is not disloyalty (Richard Cardinal Cushing).  Be the best you that you can be and see where the endless possibilities can take you.

I am genuinely excited to see what this year holds and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Everyone at iC Motions is excited about you being Mister Virtual World for 2011  and look forward to being able to work with you and virtually share your accomplishment.   Thank you for taking time to chat with me.

Buccal Vogelbaum, iC Motions PR


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iC Motions Graduation

iC Motions Modeling Academy, under the guidance of iC Motions agency Founder & CEO Kris messmer and  iC Motions agency Director, StarliteStarbrite Constellation, will be graduating models from its Academy on July 17th at 2:00 p.m. SL time.

We will be celebrating the accomplishments of Bea Serendipity, Hee Jewell, and Leland Magg  as they have completed this phase of their training.

The Academy instructors, Augusta Carver and Eve Torres, under the direction of  iC Motions Academy Director Nani Wrigglesworth, have prepared these models for whatever next step they wish to take in modeling.

iC Motion models who will be participating in the graduation show include:

Lorelei Maggs
Burly Tigerpaw
Angel Keen
Isabella Wikifoo

The sponsors for this graduation are Vero Modero and Gems and Kisses.

Vero Modero, with designer Bouquet Babii, offers fashionable clothes for men and women, as well as realistic shapes and skins.  The Vero Modero blog site at

contains information on their SL store locations and a few samples of their creations for men and women.  When I visited the main store at Vero Modero sim, I was impressed with the ease of finding my way around.

Just down from the main entrances to the men and women stores is a reception area with displays and a tastefully done pool where a person can relax

Both the women’s and men’s store are spacious with pose stands available in each area.

Deliziosa Vendetta, the owner of Gems and Kisses, creates Haute Couture Jewelry.  A visit to her main store on Nobility sim gives you an opportunity to join a group for discounts on future purchases.  A very helpful Q & A card is available also.  A well lit walkway invites you into the store where an entryway leads you to nice displays of her creations.  Red carpeted stairs take you up to an even more elegant display of fine jewelry.

We look forward to seeing everyone at 2:00 p.m on the 17th at iC Motions.

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iC Motions new agency director StarliteStarbrite Constellation

StarliteStarbrite Constellation

iC Motions and its staff is pleased to announce their first fashion show of the season for April 30th at 3:00 p.m. SL time.

The theme is “Favored Casual”, a Rejuventaion Show!! put on by iC Motions

New iC Motions agency director, StarliteStarbrite Constellation, is in the process of arranging the details for this non-sponsored exciting display of creations by various designers, with the models choosing from there own inventory.

Star has been in SL since 2006 and has worked as a model, manager, director, and consultant in the fashion industry.  She has received training at the JSE Academy, Maniera Institute of Style, and TNT Academy.  iC Motions is privileged to have her as its director.  Besides the many hours she puts in at iC Motions, she also works at Styles of Edo and Gems and Kisses.

Star took time from her busy schedule to answer a few questions.

What led you to want to be a model in SL?

I had many friends in Sl Fashion industry from models to designers they encouraged me to try modeling.  The rest is history.

How long were you in SL before you made a decision to pursue modeling, and what did you mostly do in SL before becoming a model?

In my third year i started to think about  modeling as i love SL shopping and am a fashionsta.  It was a natural step, before modeling I co-owned a dance club!

I mentioned that you have had some good training to become a SL model.  Were the schools similar or did you get different types of skills from each one?

The Academies I attended were all different.  TNT was my basic modeling education, Maniera Institute of Style concentrates more on styling, Fashion and JSE was a bonus for me as I was given a sponsorship to attend, and we can never get too much education

What happened to get you into the management field?
My SL employers saw that I worked many hours, and was a dependable employee and willing to learn new things,

Do you do the casting for the shows at iC Motions now?  Yes
along with the support of the iC Motions team.

What is your favorite type of work that you do or have done in this field?  I absolutely love the runway!!!

When you take a break from SL work, what else do you enjoy doing in SL?

Spending time with friends,  I have a home in SL.  I love decorating and I love to ride my horse, Vanilla Bean. Windsurfing, boating and of course dancing at a club, and a good live concert are among the many interests that I have.

Do you feel comfortable sharing something personal about your SL experience?  If so, what?

I have learned that we are all here to enjoy our SL whatever it is we perceive it to be.  I go with a be kind and no drama policy and can appreciate that Sl is for us all.

There will be another show for Prisms, with Journey McLaglen, sometime in May.  What do you know about that so far?

Journey is a very well known designer in SL and
iC Motions would be honored to show her latest designs.

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know about you or your work in the fashion industry?

I adore  the SL Fashion World and all the fabulous people involved.  It’s good to see so many new faces embarking on their careers in the Sl Fashion world too!!!
I am very Honored that Kris Messinger has chosen me to be iC Motions Agency Director.  I look forward to working with all the wonderful and talented models here at iC Motions.

Hugs, Star

You're Invited to a Fashion Show!

All of us at iC Motions invite you to the Model REjuvenation Fashion Show on Saturday April 30, 2011 at 3pm slt. Our lovely models will highlight some of the latest fashions from some of SL’s hottest designers. Join us on Saturday and bring a friend!

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iC Motions Fashion Agency update

iC Motions has gone through some changes over the last several months.  The agency and academy has moved to a new sim.  While owner and CEO Astrokris Messmer took some time away, Lorelei Maggs redesigned and built a new fashion show runway to place on iC Motions Fashion sim called “Elements” The LM for the central landing point is:

"Elements" New runway at iC Motions

The whole sim is dedicated for use by iC Motions with office buildings, the aforementioned new runway and practice runway, the modeling academy, numerous shops and anchor store, and the newly redesigned Sky Lounge.  Staff and visitors can relax at the lounge and the adjoining pool area.

Additional staff has been hired, replacing those who moved on to other activities, and to accomodate the direction of iC Motions.  Nani Wrigglesworth is the new director of the Academy, she has hired two instructors to help in the teaching, Andr0meda Pinklady and Sacha Pinklady have been hired to head the iC Studio and together bring a wealth of talent in the videography and still image area of the studio….look for great things from them!!

We will continue our tradition of our Sunday “End of Week” bashes and our next one will be tonight at 7P SL….Come if you’d like to relax a bit!!

With the Industry in Flux right now it’s no better time than now to solidify iC’s return for 2011 as well as chart our committment to this years future activities.

We have a number of management changes to announce as well and I’d love to see all of you! ”

Kris and her staff are looking forward to this new year with enthusiasm and dedication to being the one of the best SL modeling agencies along with providing training for models at the iC academy for models.

As a part of  iC Motions new look,  Wildflower Systems , makers of the Omega Flexi System and photoLIFE 3.0 Photography System, is announcing today the development of a new project.  The Snook is slated to be what amounts to an e-reader in Second Life.   Publications will soon be faced with another option of distribution throughout Second Life.  Go to their website  for complete details.

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Style & Class

I had the pleasure of meeting Lili Halostar, owner of Lili’s Couture Collections, recently. Not only is she a talented designer whose ball gowns are exquisite (I own many of them), she is down to Earth and a very nice lady.

Three days ago, I was speaking to my friend, Xazha Azalee, who was telling me about this amazing dress she had found that day and rushed me out of my studio straight to the store to see this dress she wanted my opinion on. As she runs over to the dress, I keep stopping to admire the designs along the way. Very impressive, to say the least. And this fashionista know a great ball gown when she sees one.

This gown is now available in the Midnight Mania vendor located in Lili's Couture Collection. It is elegant and beautiful, as you can see. It even comes with shoes, ladies. So come get the opportunity to get this beauty for free while you can! You'll enjoy browsing the collection of fine gowns, as well as casual clothing. You're sure to find many things that you just have to have.



You'll definitely feel like sweetness in this gown. Available in multiple colors. Come pick your favorite one today!




Ladies, when I got this dress, I got it out of the vendor that has a deal of the day and got it for less than 50L!! I wonder what the big deal today is.


Lili’s Couture Collection, located at (43, 41, 21). Come check out some great clothing at great deals! You will not be disappointed!!


Raritie Darling

Studio Director

iC Motions Fashion

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Serene’s Fashion: DNR + Rozoregalia

There are constantly new release and I just can’t keep track on all of them but this new release from Rozoregalia, I simply have to blog:)

Rozoregalia released a new series called “Bouhachi” which includes gloves (including the flowers and the ring), fur necklace, and a pipe (all separate purchase). The pipe comes with 9 poses and the choice of smoke on or off. It’s made of great quality, details, and the gloves and the fur goes well with anything! Please stop by the store and have some fun with it:)

The gown is from DNR (Nicky Ree) and is actually black but you can purchase separately the top and the chest prim in various colors so you can mix and match:) Here, I got the white top that I mixed with the original black gown.

Happy Shopping!

Dress: Nicky Ree
Hair: Vanity Hair
Fur & Gloves: Rozoregalia



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Serene’s Fashion: Group Gifts

We loooove to shop, and what better way to shop than free gifts?:)
There are some amazing group gifts available right now:)
I’d like to introduce 4 group gifts from 2 lovely stores, Azul and Purple Moon:)


Outfit: Azul 10,000 members memorial dress group gift
Hair: Bliss
Jewelry: G&K
Shoes: 24 Shoo Shoe


Outfit: Azul October group gift
Jewelry: N/A
Hair: Elicatera (former ETD)
Shoes: N-Core


Outfit: Purple Moon Lizz group gift
Hair: Elicatera (former ETD)
Jewelry: Ala Mood
Boots: Pixel Mode


Outfit: Purple Moon Amanda group gift
Hair: W&Y (Model hair 26)
Jewelry: N/A

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Serene’s Fashion: Vita’s Boudoir

Halloween is around the corner and many stores offers amazing outfits.
Today, I’d like to introduce to you one of them, “Fallen Angel Gown” from Vita’s Boudoir!

This gown has amazing textures and prim qualities, with wings and skirts that makes you float, just like a flying Angel:) An outfit well worth having in your inventory for this Halloween or any special themed parties in the future:)

Happy Shopping!

Outfit: Vita’s Boudoir
Skin: Cupcakes
Earrings: Alienbear
Necklace: G&K
Hair: Bliss Couture
Boots: Bax



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Serene’s Fashion: House of Dashwood

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing to you “House of Dashwood” dress called “Malificent”.

This sexy, black cocktail dress featured realistic textures and couture styling. With a unique asymmetrical skirt that flows in the back beautifully, it is a dress perfect for dancing and walking the runway. The bodice has a peacock feather design with crystal sparkle details and is simply amazing that will for sure make you the star of the night!

Please visit House of Dashwood where you will find other gorgeous outfits:)
Happy Shopping!

Outfit: House of Dashwood

Jewelry: Crystal Line

Shoes:  SIM-I-LAR Italian Footwear

Hair: Bliss



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